Dragonfly Cinema Theater Rental

The Dragonfly Cinema movie theater can be rented in a variety of ways for parties, fundraisers, events, special showings, or just about anything you can think of. The theater has two screens. The east screen seats up to 72. The west screen seats up to 90. The west screen also has a stage upon which presentations, lectures, panel discussions, or similar can take place.

Renting the Theater

You can choose the date and time for you event, our rental calendar is on a first come first served basis. Please see "Showing a Movie at Your Event" for more info on private movie showings.

Remember that the west screen has a stage upon which presentations, lectures, panel discussions, or similar can take place.

We will staff the theater for your event. Concessions can be available for purchase at the front counter or you can purchase a concession package.

Total cost: $150 for up to 2 hours. Additional hours can be added for $50 per hour.

Showing a Movie at Your Event

Dragonfly Cinema is a fully licensed and operational movie theater. Consequently, it is illegal for us to show any studio distributed movies in the theater without proper licensing. If there is a particular movie that you would like to show at your event, we can secure the licensing rights to that movie on your behalf. The cost to secure these rights is typically $250, but it will vary slightly depending on the movie and the studio.

If you would like a private showing on a Wednesday or Thursday of a movie we have scheduled over the weekend, the costs are much lower. We have already paid the licensing fee and whatever we show on a given weekend can be shown the following week at no extra cost to you.

Alternatively, you can secure the rights to the movie yourself if the movie is from an independent studio or smaller house. If you do, we will need to see a copy of the licensing agreement prior to your event.

Providing Concessions for your Guests

An additional option to consider is offering free concessions to your guests when they come to your special event. Although cake is allowed in the lobby for birthday parties, we do not allow outside food in the theaters. We can provide all concessions for up to 90 people.

Concession Packages

Children's Package: Includes kid sized popcorn, choice of 100% juice box or bottle of water, and a package of fruit snacks.

Total cost for up to 45 kids: $50.

Total cost for 45-90 kids: $100.

Standard Package: Includes medium sized popcorn, small soda, and small candy.

Total cost for up to 45 adults: $150.

Total cost for 45-90 adults: $300.

Charging Admission

If you would like to charge admission to cover your costs, make profit, or fund a good cause, you may do so under any scenario above. In that case, you will be entirely responsible for charging and collecting admission. We can provide you access to the small ticket booth at the front of the cinema if you like. However, we cannot charge admission at the concessions counter using our registers.

What's the next step to schedule your rental?

Please email movies@dragonflycinema.com with any questions you may have or to schedule a rental.

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